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Kerim Ozdemir is an interior architect with over twenty years of experience designing high end commercial and residential space. Whatever the challenge, he brings to your project enthusiasm tempered with experience, creative flair grounded in commercial realism, and pragmatic thinking supported by longer-term brand awareness.


Kerim’s approach to architecture involves generating creative ideas that work now and build up value tomorrow, with a passionate belief that the two are not mutually exclusive. Kerim’s work is people-centered and built on the idea that success behooves genuine insight into people and their triggers; a space that is designed accordingly, be it a home, an office or a factory, brings with it a higher quality of life and productivity.


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Kerim Ozdemir is an interior architect with over twenty years of experience designing high end commercial and residential space.

Kerim Ozdemir was born in 1975 in Istanbul, Turkey. In 1993, he began his studies in Traditional Turkish Arts at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University where he was introduced to the theory and application of arts and crafts such as fabric, tile, ceramic design, calligraphy, and paper marbling (ebru). Subsequently, he moved to Ankara to study Interior Architecture at Bilkent University.


During his studies, he interned at an architectural firm where he worked on the construction of crew cabins, mess rooms, and bridges for large container vessels. After receiving his degree in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in 2000, he focused on the design and construction of office spaces, stores, cafes and restaurants.

People-centered and timeless spaces.

During these years, he participated in the project drawings and design implementations of Nokia Stores, Algida Café, Loft Restaurant and Metro Group Head Office. In 2004, he established Kerim Ozdemir Architecture and Design where he was able to develop his personal approach to architecture, completing projects such as Tatmak Karyer Office and showrooms, branches of Finansbank and Astel Plaza, as well as numerous residential flats. In 2009, Kerim moved to New York City to design and construct 319 Scholes, a a multi-purpose and multi-cultural event space that accommodates art exhibitions, concerts, and other visual performances.


Since August 2011, Kerim has been working at TwoSeven, Inc., a Brooklyn-based company that manufactures window displays for high-end fashion companies such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Hermes. In this position, Kerim has been responsible for coordinating the fabrication process starting from client design to final assembly and installation. Kerim’s adaptive and eclectic style is the result of a wide spectrum of influences, ranging from his background in fine arts and crafts, his experience working with heterogeneous interiors such as shipping vessels and store windows, the inspiration he derives from frequent visits to European design fairs and expositions, and his never-ending quest to merge the traditional with the unconventional, allowing him to create people-centered and timeless spaces.

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